Jobs for restaurant industry professionals in Helsinki and elsewhere in the capital region

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Pocofa Ltd is constantly hiring new employees for various restaurant jobs in Helsinki and elsewhere in the capital region. We also have suitable positions for young talents. With our help, you can find a temporary gig a long-term contract – depending on your preferance. Send an application or ask for more information!

Various jobs in the restaurant sector

Our company has a wide range of jobs in the restaurant sector. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out in your career, we can help you find the right position.


Positions we offer include:

  • barback
  • dishwasher
  • chef
  • waiter.

These are just some examples so ask us for more information!

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Barback is a restaurant worker who collects empty glasses and other dishes from tables and keeps the premises tidy. Barback is an entry-level job in the restaurant industry. If you're hard-working, you can do the job. It's a great way to get to know the restaurant or bar environment and move on from there.


A dishwasher is a dishwashing professionall. You know how to organise your work and structure your day according to the incoming dish load. Keeping the working environment tidy and returning dishes to their correct places is one of your priorities.


Cooking is your calling and you take pride in the food you cook. You know the current trends and can apply them to your recipes, but you can also cook the classics. You are also able to use ingredients in an environmentally friendly way, reducing waste. You know how to challenge yourself, and you're not afraid to try new things.


A waiter is a customer service professional. Friendly and attentive service are the buzz words of the industry. You are passionate about your work and keep your skills up to date. You are able to adapt to the business concept of the company and genuinely implement it. You are also a sales professional so you can sell explain the products.

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